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Short Name Title & Category Author Publication Date Tags
WEB-18 Lain Thought on End-To-End Encryption with AP Characteristics for a New Era
Experimentation 28 May 2020 technical
WEB-17 Privacy and Tracking on the Fediverse
Analysis 25 March 2018 cultural behaviors
WEB-16 ActivityPub in Pleroma
Experimentation 4 March 2018 technical hey-fyi
WEB-15 Pleroma Encyclical: ActivityPub
Problem 10 February 2018 technical cooperation
GHUB-1 Fed::BOX as an ActivityPub server supporting C2S interactions
Experimentation 20 June 2020 technical c2s
WEB-14 Content Addressed Vocabulary
Analysis 26 February 2020 technical
WEB-13 State of Spritely for February 2020
Analysis 10 February 2020 technical datashards hey-fyi
WEB-12 Updates: ActivityPub Conference, and more
Analysis 1 October 2019 cultural datashards hey-fyi
WEB-11 On standards divisions and collaboration (or: Why can't the decentralized social web people just get along?)
Analysis 25 January 2018 cultural cooperation
WEB-10 ActivityPub is a W3C Recommendation
Analysis 23 January 2018 technical hey-fyi
WEB-9 An even more distributed ActivityPub
Analysis 6 October 2016 technical
WEB-8 Datashards Update October 2019
Experimentation 19 October 2019 technical datashards hey-fyi
WEB-7 Thoughts on Canonical S-Expressions
Analysis 2 October 2019 technical datashards
WEB-6 On Long-Form Blogging
Analysis 23 September 2019 cultural behaviors
WEB-5 What makes the Fediverse better than Twitter
Analysis 18 May 2020 cultural behaviors
WEB-4 How to make friends and verify requests
Experimentation 3 July 2018 technical
WEB-3 How to implement a basic ActivityPub server
Experimentation 23 June 2018 technical
WEB-2 Getting our hands dirty
Analysis Unknown cultural governance cooperation
DS-1 Problems With Relying On The Domain Name Service (DNS)
Problem 23 June 2020 technical
WEB-1 ActivityPub Authentication & Authorization
W3C Social Web Working Group: Christopher Lemmer Webber, Jessica Tallon, Erin Shepherd, Amy Guy, Evan Prodromou 23 January 2018 technical